Candidate Statements

The following are the views of the individual candidates and not necessarily those of LHEA/CTA/NEA.
Any candidate flyers linked below each candidate's statement constitute neither a recommendation nor support for any candidate by LHEA.

All candidates are listed in 2023-2024 CTA alphabetical order by position they are running for.



Shannon Belknap - It would be my honor to continue represent you for another two years. I will continue to be dedicated and work hard for you.

Luis Luna - I would work hard to bring an honest and fair voice to the bargaining table that is constantly reaching out to teachers to find out what needs teachers have.

Site Rep:


Jasmine Frias - I love Arbolita and am excited to support our amazing teachers.

El Cerrito

Carin Verdugo - I would like to continue my position as an El Cerrito site rep. I enjoy representing my school at the site meetings and reporting back to the staff.

Brandie Esparza - I would like to stay up to date on the decisions being made on our behalf and relay this information to my team.

Angelique Coloma - I have been an El Cerrito site rep for the last 6 years. I have diligently attended our monthly union meetings every month. 

Ladera Palma

Moises Rodriguez - I have been the rep for a few years now and hope to continue if you allow me.

Las Lomas

Naida Cabrera - II have been a site rep at Las Lomas for many years and love representing my staff.